1. FEATURES:In different requirement ,we will suggest solid or inlay product . Inlay knife would not only cost down but also improve the quality. Inlay knife have better toughness and high wear resistance . It's the good knife for using in high-speed operation and large impact machine like crusher
  2. MATERIAL:Mold steel(d2、skd11、1.2379...)、high speed steel(m2、skh9、1.2344...)、carbide




  1. FEATURES:We can offer solid and inlay power,low noise,high resistance from impact . It will increase more than 30% wear resistance by our unique blade grinding techique on three sides.
  2. MATERIAL:Mold Steel(D2、Skd11、1.2379...Etc.)、High Speed Steel(M2、Skh9、1.2344...Etc.)、Carbide(Only Inlay Product)、Stainless Steel(Sus440c)。